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Everyone's mouth presents
special considerations

If you are not smiling, sleeping, playing or eating as much as you should because of a dental flaw, call my office for an appointment to see what type of care we can provide for you. I am passionate about making my patients feel comfortable with their mouth and preserving it.

  • Dentures, Partials, Crowns and Bridges – One of the worst things about lost teeth is that you can't eat the foods you enjoy! Whether you've been in an accident, born with wonky teeth or through years of neglect you need dentures, partials, crowns or bridges I can provide a practical and reasonably priced solution tailored to balance your needs, wants and budget. I work with Myron labs here in Kansas City. Myron's has been in business for more than 73 years and many times I've met my patient's at Myron's to discuss exactly what the patient needs and wants with the technician who will be creating the dental product. Offering such a service to you is part of my philosophy regarding putting you at the center of my dental practice.

  • Braces and Straighteners – Millions of children and adults need this special procedure to bring perfectly good teeth into alignment. Creating a beautiful and practical smile to an otherwise unseemly mouth. I have years of experience helping my patients determine exactly what they need to create an enjoyable, lively, dynamic and practical mouth!

  • Night Guards – Does your jaw feel stiff? Do you have difficulty open your mouth wide? Are your teeth sensitive to cold or hot drinks? Do your jaw or neck muscles feel tired in the morning? You may be grinding your teeth at night! This medical condition, called bruxism, can be an extremely dangerous habit. Grinding your teeth during sleep can wear away tooth enamel, crack or break a tooth and cause painful neck and jaw muscle cramps! There is a simple solution called a night guard to help preserve your mouth, teeth, jaw and neck. Through a simple examination I can determine how best to assist you with the very real and very damaging medical condition.

  • Snore Prevention – It is estimated that more than 80 million people in North America snore while sleeping. Snoring woefully affects sleep cycles not only of the snorer, but also their spouse and children. During sleep, the muscles and soft tissues in the throat and mouth relax making the breathing airway smaller. This decrease in the airway space increases the velocity of air flowing through the airway during breathing. As the velocity of required air is increased in a smaller space the soft tissues vibrate. This is snoring. Snoring research has shown that custom fabricated device worn at night that move the lower jaw into a forward position increases the space in the mouth that air can flow through, thus reducing OR eliminate snoring. I can definitely assist in helping you AND your family get a good, restful and SILENT night's sleep!

  • Sports Mouthguards – Imagine loosing your teeth at sixteen - or forty - playing football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, hockey, racketball, softball, baseball, skateboarding, mountain or trick bicking - even tennis! An estimated 5 million teeth are lost each year due to preventable sports injuries! Preserve you or your child's teeth with a sports mouthguard. Sports mouthguards can be easily personalized to your likes, fun level and mouth protection needs! I can help you choose the best materials and colors to make sports safe and fun!